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working woman Consultants working under the umbrella of Kathol & Company are each independent contractors who have years of experience within their respective disciplines costing and managing their own projects. All specialists have handled management responsibilities related to day to day operations and management decisions, completing projects within identified timeframe, cost accounting, quality assurance, and meeting regulatory requirements. The team has worked together on a variety of projects throughout the past 25 years.

Our team has worked on projects for private companies and individuals, federal, state, and local government agencies, and environmental consulting and engineering firms throughout the United States and internationally.

Kathol & Company also works closely with a number of other independent consulting firms with expertise in the areas paleontology and geology (Erathem-Vanir: view resume for Gustav F. Winterfeld & Thomas M. Bown), visual resource simulation (Viewpoint West: view resumes for Tony J. Kovacic and Christine A. Keller), GIS (Blue Oak & Co.: view resume for Ian Morales) , and cultural resources (Alpine Archaeological Consultants, Inc.).


Kathol & Company Kathol & Company

Jennifer Kathol is a natural resource economist with over 30 years of consulting experience. Ms. Kathol specializes in project management, economic and social impact analysis, land and recreation use analysis, environmental justice evaluation, economic and demographic research, Native American issues, local government policy development, fiscal impact analysis (cost-benefit), and real estate development, planning issues and market studies.

Kathol & Company is a woman owned business with CCR and ORCA certification.

Resume: Jennifer Kathol


JNS, Inc. JNS, Inc.

Brad Piehl has more than 25 years of environmental consulting experience in Colorado. He has worked for the past 15 years on impacts of wildfires on watersheds and water supplies. Brad has experience with large-scale and small-scale planning for watershed protection including working for federal, state, and local agencies, as well as many water supply organizations. He is one of the founding members of the Watershed Wildfire Protection Group and has implemented watershed hazard identification for a large portion of the Colorado Front Range and central and northern Rocky Mountains. Brad has also work on pre- and post-fire planning including on the ground post-fire restoration following the High Park Fire.

Resume: Brad Piehl


Cedar Creek Associates, Inc. Cedar Creek Associates, Inc.

Michael Phelan is a Certified Wildlife Biologist (TWS) with over 35 years of environmental consulting experience providing expertise in environmental permitting; wetland delineation and habitat assessment (HEP certified-USFWS); wildlife population inventories/ analyses; threatened, endangered, and sensitive species evaluations, vegetation ecology, wildlife impact assessments, and mitigation/enhancement planning, including habitat restoration plans. He has experience in defining baseline conditions, assessing environmental impacts, and developing mitigation/enhancement plans to reduce potential adverse effects to address permitting, resource assessment, and NEPA requirements for a variety of projects including oil and gas development, mineral extraction, timber harvest, corridor analysis, utility construction and upgrades, pipeline construction, housing developments, and storm water control.

Resume: Michael Phelan

Steve Long is a wetland scientist, revegetation specialist, soil scientist, and project manager with over 34 years of experience in environmental work. He has extensive experience with Nationwide and Individual 404 permits, compensatory mititgation plans, and conducting required monitoring programs. He has also successfully delineated wetlands and prepared various discipline sections for NEPA documents. He has prepared revegetation/restoration plans for various types of disturbances, and has authored two revegetation manuals, Characteristics of Plants Used in Western Reclamation and Handbook of Revegetation Techniques, which have received wide distribution throughout North America and Mexico. Steve is certified by the USFWS to conduct surveys for the Ute ladies’-tresses orchid and has completed threatened and endangered species surveys for a variety of such species.

Resume: Steve Long